Joe Cajero: Bronze Sculpture
My creative energy is often spiritual in nature. Each of my sculptures invariably represent some aspect of praise and appreciation for life's beauty. Since my Pueblo religion restricts the realistic unveiling of ceremonial life, the challenge is to use abstract art to represent the sacred; images that specifically capture a reflection of my spirituality and expressions of my intercession with the Creator - Joe Cajero
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  Althea Cajero: Jewelry
My understanding of my creativity is that it can be a deeper expression from my soul. My experience in creating jewelry is that I am continually learning who I am and what I can do. When I visualize a piece, I am inspired to create it. From creating it, I learn patience and acceptance; the patience to allow each process to take the time necessary, and to accept that it may not become exactly as I visualize. In this process, however, lies the potential of it becoming something even more beautiful than I imagined. - Althea Cajero

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